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A collection of post’s from The Minion Report forum, and the World Wide Web. These links and information can help you from making dinner to preparing for the end of the world. All information is the property of its author.



The items listed here are from multiple sources over the years. I take credit for some, and
give credit for many. Print this list out and check/rotate items twice a year. I do mine with
the change of the clocks (daylight savings time) along with my smoke alarms. Mostly everything
can be kept in a Rubbermaid plastic container in your car. Other items can be kept in a small
REQUIRED Items to have:
Jumper cables (the heavier and longer, the better!)
Spare tire (a good one, fully inflated-full size is best)
Jack (and the knowledge how to use it.)
Lug wrench (the ones shaped like an “X” are easiest to use)
Fire extinguisher rated for oil and grease fires
Flashlight-Spare batteries
1 gallon gas can (store empty - do not store gas in your trunk)
Maps- local, state, and distance
Spare set of cloths- Clothes for warmth-think no heat breakdown
Spare set of boots-good for walking and keeping feet warm
Gloves- Work and warmth
Long term food-energy bars, hard candy, nuts-change out every season
1 gallon of drinkable water-you can fill it  for winter freezing
Snow Shovel (I recommend a snow shovel even if you live in Fl-sand)
Tow rope or chain
Tire chains (if driving in heavier snow and ice than we get here)
Winter camping clothes - wool shirt, pants, socks(2x), a sweater and jacket,
Toothbrush, towel and bar of soap.
Ice scraper
Road salt: Take an empty liquid detergent container-clean-and use for salt-works great
REQUIRED SURVIVAL KIT: (Keep these items in the back pack)
1 watch cap 
5 heavy duty garbage bags (at minimum-I keep about 20) 
1 pocket/sheath knife
1 Leatherman multi-tool 
1 emergency blanket, Mylar type
1 emergency poncho
1 survival instructions
1 match safe w/ matches (spare flashlight bulb in here too)
1 compass/thermometer keychain
1 whistle
1 signal mirror
1 8+ hr candle
1 bunch of heavy safety pins
1 pack misc. heavy needles
1 wire saw
1 50’ Para cord or rope
1 money - 3 quarters and 3 dimes for phone calls, 5$ for food and coffee or gas
REQUIRED MEDICAL: (Keep these items in a small first kit in either the backpack or Rubbermaid)
12 Band-Aids
4 1.5”x2” gauze pads
5 3”x3” gauze pads
10yd medical tape
1 3” elastic bandage 
1 lg. cling roll, 4.5”x4.1yd
1 moleskin
1 hand sanitizer
1 tube, triple antibiotic ointment
1 tweezers
1 trauma shears (will cut through seat belts, clothes, pennies, etc.)
1 Bottle of Ibuprofen, 200mg - (analgesic(pain relief), anti-inflammatory(swelling) for aches,
strains, sprains, and other muscle and joint injuries, tooth-ache, menstrual pain, etc. Do not 
take with aspirin as they compete with each other. 1-4 tablets up to 4 times daily)
4 non-aspirin pain reliever (acetaminophen, 325mg - best drug for fever and flu, headache,
minor muscle and joint pain and menstrual cramps, will reduce fever, does NOT work as a anti-
inflammatory(swelling) 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hrs) This is generic Tylenol.
3 nasal decongestant (pseudo ephedrine, 30mg - shrinks mucous membranes and opens airways. Use
with caution in hypertension, heart disease, thyroid disease, or diabetes. Also useful as a 
stimulant to counteract drowsiness. 1-2 tablets every 6-8 hours)
2 antacid (calcium carbonate, 420mg - take as needed. chalk is the same thing and can be used
as an expedient) 
1 electrolyte tablets (to replenish electrolytes in case of vomiting, diarrhea or heat
1 laxative
1 manual: First Aid manual: Wilderness one is best 
1 pliers
1 channel locks
1 crescent wrench
1 wire cutters
1 screwdriver, standard
1 screwdriver, Phillips
1 tire gauge
1 small socket set-add a spark plug sized socket if not in it
1 spark plug gap gauge
1 fuse puller
1 circuit tester 
1 waterproof flashlight
1 collapsible shovel/pick
2 spare AA flashlight batteries (in survival module)
1 spare flashlight bulb (in match safe, in survival module)
Automotive manual for your make and model of car 
1 distributor cap and rotor
1 starter relay
1 starter solenoid
1 ignition points and condenser
1 ignition coil
1 voltage regulator
1 water pump
1 set spark plugs
4 quarts oil – At least one Qt should be on hand
2 quarts automatic transmission fluid
1 can brake fluid
1 jug radiator fluid
1 jug windshield washer fluid (especially during winter)
1 can starting fluid
1 emergency fan belt kit
1 radiator and gas tank repair putty can be replaced with “liquid metal”
1 radiator hose repair kit
1 heater hose repair kit
1 hose bandage tape
misc. hose clamps
misc. nuts, bolts and washers
misc. cotter pins
2 rolls, bailing wire
1 fine sandpaper
12.5’ electrical wire
4 alligator test clips
1 roll, electrical tape
1 set of replacement fuses for ‘92 Oldsmobile
1 can, “Fix a Flat”
1 siphon pump
3 road flares
1 manual - “Automotive Operations & Maintenance”
Suggested additions: spare distributor cap, points, spark plugs, spare bulbs, oil or “liquid
wrench” and correct fan belt for your car.


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